1:1 Technology: What to Expect

  • The Iowa City Community School District is proud to provide all students in grades 7–12 with a Chromebook for educational use at school and home. We are excited for the opportunities going "1:1" will provide for our students to increase their learning, engagement, and 21st century skills. In anticipation of this program beginning for 7th and 8th graders, we want to inform North Central families what to expect.

    Sometime during the first two weeks of school, all students will be provided with a Chromebook, charger, and case. Each item will be checked out to the student just like a textbook. Like other materials, students will be able to take their Chromebooks home with them, and carry them between classes. Students will be responsible for bringing their Chromebooks to class each day, charged and ready to use.

    The use of Chromebooks throughout the school day will depend entirely on the teacher’s lesson plans. Some days, students might use their Chromebooks in every period. Other days, they may be using pencil and paper instead. We view access to Chromebooks as an excellent tool for providing rich educational opportunities. All teachers will be using “Canvas,” an online learning management platform, to post class information. More information on how families can access this via the Canvas Parent app will be available at registration.

    At home, families will have access to our district’s filtering software through Securly, a cloud-based web filtering site. This tool provides families a way to monitor student usage at home, as well as keep them in the loop about what websites students are visiting during the school day. Families can sign up to receive weekly updates.

    We appreciate your support in this exciting opportunity!

      Basic Student Expectations

        • Bring your Chromebook to school charged every day.
        • Keep your Chromebook safe by carrying it in the provided case.
        • Screens are very breakable
          • Be careful to carry your Chromebook with the lid closed
          • Don’t close anything inside it (for example,  a pencil).
        • Chromebooks are sensitive to extreme temperatures, so don’t leave them in the car.
        • Follow teacher expectations for use of your Chromebook in class.
        • Be a good digital citizen.

      How Can Families Help?

        • Talk with your student about your expectations for computer use at home. How much “screen time” are you permitting? What do you consider acceptable use of their school device?
        • Locate a safe place for your student to charge the Chromebook overnight. Find a spot away from food and drink, out of reach of pets or small children, and up off the floor.
        • Sign up for updates from Securely to monitor your student’s internet use as needed.
        • Download the Canvas Parent App to monitor your student’s assignments.
        • Please report any loss or damage to the school - most repairs can be done on site without any fees. Intentional damage will be dealt with as a behavioral issue and consequences may differ.