Welcome to the City High Library

  • City High Library logoThe library is a common space that will have limited seating to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. Students will check in with their IDs so that we may do the required contact tracing. Our library and tech staff are here every day. We'll check out books for individuals and classes; give advice, teach, and provide access to online resources, assist with research, and more.  

Our Quick Guides

  • How to Check Out CHS Ebooks & Audiobooks

    Students! You can check out ebooks and audiobooks from our City High Library collection! Read our instructions for more information.

    How to Put a Book on Hold in Destiny

    1. Go to Destiny Discover
    2. Login with Google
    3. Search
    4. Place Hold

    Click to the left for detailed instructions on How to Put a Book on Hold

    Access Digital Libraries of Johnson County with your Student ID

    • Go to Digital Libraries of Johnson County.
    • Search Iowa City Public Library digital library
    • Click Sign In
    • Choose ICCSD Student, instead of a library
    • Put in your nine-digit ID number!

    Need more help? Check out our detailed login guide.

Mission Statement

  • The library should engage the entire school community to elevate the learning experience for all. 

    • Teach students and staff to think critically and independently to construct new understandings and insights from varied information sources
    • Lead and embrace the integration of technology to enhance learning
    • Connect communities of learners in virtual and physical spaces
    • Collaborate with the school community to design and enact rigorous learning experiences and participate as positive digital citizens
    • Maximize access to quality print and digital resources
    • Champion and support the reading life of every student
    • Nurture curiosity to develop a lifelong passion for learning.
  • Destiny Discover
  • Destiny Discover: Catalog
  • MackinVIA
  • Johnson County Digital Library