Before and After School and Summer Programs (BASP)

  • Each of the elementary schools in the Iowa City Community School District has an on-site program to provide before and after school and summer child care. The District has established strong partnerships with community providers who deliver high-quality programs.

    Many programs have a waiting list, as the demand for before and after school care is great. The BASP Directors have developed a common BASP entry and waiting list strategy with cohesive entry dates and waiting list practices across the District. This strategy allows parents and community members to have an understanding of the entrance process.

    NOTE: It is not possible to register farther in advance than the upcoming school year, as the waitlist restarts annually.

    BASP enrollment applications vary by program. Please contact the BASP Director at the school in which your child(ren) are, or will be, enrolled for information. The full BASP Director contact list can be found in the links menu on this page.

BASP Enrollment Timeline

  • Enrollment Priorities

    1. Current enrollees (and their incoming kindergarten siblings)
    2. New families

    Enrollment Timeline

    January 1 – January 31

    All families currently enrolled in a BASP program will re-enroll for the upcoming school year, including younger siblings of current enrollees. Current enrollees (and their incoming kindergarten siblings) are given priority.

    February 1

    Families currently enrolled in a BASP, who have completed a re-enrollment application at their current or new attendance center, will be notified if the BASP will be able to serve them. A lottery draw will occur if the number of currently enrolled families, coming from the previous attendance center, exceeds the number of spots available. The remaining families will move to a waiting list and receive top priority for future enrollments. 

    February 15 – March 31

    Programs will accept enrollment applications for new families. If the program cannot accommodate all of the new applicants, a lottery list of new families will be generated from this pool of applicants.

    April 1

    If spots still remain, a lottery draw, in front of office personnel, will occur. All others will move to a waiting list (which remains in place for the upcoming school year).