Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports

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    Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS) is a structure, or framework, for proactive development and implementation of positive school-wide interventions. The aim of PBIS is to create a safe, orderly environment with a positive school climate that enables all students to achieve high levels of social and academic success.


    Positive interactions with students help us to form positive relationships with those we work with. If a student trusts us, then they are likely to learn from us. Schoolwide PBIS creates a healthy, functioning school where all students' needs are met.


    Every teacher proactively assesses students' needs, provides instruction, and monitors its impact on every student. This approach is used throughout the entire school. It is a continuous improvement system where regular reflection is necessary. Universal instruction is provided for all students, targeted interventions are provided for students who need additional support, and intensive plans are created for students who need even more support for school success.