Kirkwood Academies


  • High school students can earn free college credit through the Kirkwood Career Academy programs, taking Kirkwood Courses at City High as well as Alternative Concurrent options. Career Academies are collections of hands-on technical courses focused around specific careers or areas of interest that are geared toward high school juniors and seniors. Most of these courses are offered at the Kirkwood Regional Center at the University of Iowa. City high school students are able to participate in advanced learning and can earn FREE college credit. Additionally, students have access to highly technical state-of-the-art labs and cutting-edge equipment. Students are trained in areas which can lead to high-skill, high-wage career opportunities.

    There are over ten Kirkwood Career Academies being offered in the general field of Manufacturing, Automotive, Business, Computer Networking/Programming, Criminal Justice, Health Science and Pre-Liberal Arts Transfer. Some of the academies have the potential of leading to job opportunities! By completing Career Academies students are more likely to be prepared to enter the workforce or go on to receive additional training for today’s high demand manufacturing and technical fields.

    *To see a complete list of the Kirkwood Academies and the requirements access the Program of Study.

      How Do Kirkwood Classes Benefit You?

        • Hands on Learning: KRCUI offers students diverse learning opportunities and experience with hands-on, real world learning which uses cutting-edge equipment and state-of-the-art lab facilities. 
        • Career Training: Prepares students for careers in high demand industries that require post-secondary training. 
        • Save Money and Time: Students are able to fast track their education at NO cost to their families. Just by taking four college courses throughout high school, you can finish your college degree one semester early!
        • Competitive Advantage: Students who are successful gain a leg up on their peers who wait until after high school graduation to begin college courses.
        • Convenient: Courses are offered at your high school, at Kirkwood's main campus, or at the Kirkwood Regional Center at the University of Iowa, depending on the academy track.
        • Career Exploration: By taking college courses in high school, you can explore careers and majors to help you determine your future.
        • Credentials: Able to receive industrial level credentialing for EMT, CNA, Welding, etc. which can allow you to get a job and earn more money.

      Considerations and Future Impact

        • The EMT and Patient Care academies have an age requirement.
        • For testing requirements, a GPA of 3.0 (cumulative) is required for Composition and an ALEKS placement test is required for Statistics. You can complete the ALEKS placement test in MyHub and can do it as soon as you have K numbers and passwords set up. 
        • Kirkwood Academies will take up class time and you will not be able to take a full course load at City High.
        • The grades you receive for these courses will be a part of your high school transcript AND your college transcript.
        • Most credits earned in these courses are easily transferred to colleges and universities across the country.