Iowa City Home School Assistance Program

  • The ICHSAP program offers optional, drop-in enrichment classes (P.E., Art, Library, STEAM, etc.), field trips, access to local performances at Hancher and the Coralville Center for the Performing Arts, guest speakers and much more! Our ICHSAP supervising teachers teach enrichment classes as well as provide regular support for parent educators through quarterly contact meetings. The ICHSAP supervising teachers do not teach core curriculum, ICHSAP student’s curriculum will be chosen and taught by the parents or a hired teacher. The ICHSAP supervising teachers support parent educators and help answer questions they may have.

    Participation in the ICHSAP requires four contacts/quarter with one of our supervising teachers. Two of the four contacts can be through attendance in our enrichment classes and activities, participation in screenings/assessments or through email check-ins, and two/quarter must be a face-to-face meeting with a supervising teacher.

    The ICHSAP has a PTO that meets once a month and there are opportunities to network during enrichment hours in the ICHSAP family lounge.

    The ICHSAP follows the ICCSD district calendar and district cancellations, including late starts and early dismissals due to inclement weather.  Enrichment programming follows our quarterly calendar with blocks of classes and additional special and educational events. 

    Our ICHSAP resource library has a growing collection of award-winning children’s literature and updated curricular resources for parent educators.  The ICHSAP resource library also provides ICHSAP Participants optional Chromebook check-outs for academic use at home and during ICHSAP enrichment classes. 

    Services from the Iowa City Community School District, Kirkwood Regional Center, and Grant Wood Area Education Agency (GWAEA) are available to ICHSAP students. The ICHSAP provides administration of state assessments, including the Iowa State Assessments of Student Progress (grades 3-6) and the FAST reading and mathematics universal screening assessments for K-6. GWAEA curriculum resource library and online educational resources are available, as well as hearing and vision screening.

    *Note- If approved for these programs, the addition of dual enrollment may be required for participation in ELP, ELL, IEP services, and interventions.

  • The ICHSAP Center is located at:
    1400 Grissel Place, Iowa City, IA 52245
    We are located in the first building to your right when you enter the Shimek Elementary driveway.

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