Home School Assistance Program

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    Iowa City Home School Assistance Program
    Theodore Roosevelt Education Center (TREC)
    611 Greenwood Drive
    Iowa City, IA 52246
    319.688.1300, ext. 5

    Pam Peters, ICHSAP Supervising Teacher, 319.688.1300, ext. 5
    Stephanie Phillips, Home Schooling Coordinator, 319.688.1300, ext. 6

    Click www.ichsap.wordpress.com for News, Resources, Enrichment Activities, Calendar of Events, and MORE information for ICHSAP families!  Click brochure to read more about what ICHSAP offers!


    • Enrollment will take place at the ICHSAP the first week of school beginning August 23, 2017.
    • To enroll, families complete an Enrollment Form and Form A, both available at the ICHSAP.  Please provide a Plan of Instruction for the school year and a Record of Immunization for each student.
    • Families make at least four Contacts per quarter during the school year (sixteen+ total contacts), half of which must be face to face with the student(s) and a HSAP supervising teacher.
    • Families complete an Education Summary at the end of the school year.

    The ICHSAP follows the Iowa City Community School District calendar.  The program also follows district cancellations, late starts and early dismissals due to inclement weather.  All materials checked out from the ICHSAP resource library are due at the end of each school year.  The ICHSAP is closed during the summer. 

    Board Policy Graduation Requirements for Home School Students

    For more information about private instruction, please refer to Private Instruction on the Iowa Department of Education website.  Also available is the 2017-2018 Private Instruction Handbook.  If you are interested in home schooling, but do not wish to enroll in the ICHSAP, you can complete Form A and submit it to Stephanie Phillips at 611 Greenwood Drive, Iowa City, IA 52246.