About Us

  • The Iowa City Community School District’s K-12 Online Learning Program (ICCSD Online) offers an exceptional learning experience for students in grades K-12. ICCSD Online is open to all students in Iowa and provides a high-quality, at-home alternative to the District’s traditional classroom setting. Designed and taught by District teachers and administrators, the program provides students the ability to engage in rigorous coursework offered through a supportive online environment. ICCSD Online provides families the ability to choose the academic setting that is best for their students without having to sacrifice the traditional benefits of working directly with teachers and classmates.

  • Who is ICCSD Online Designed For? 

    Whether students need an alternative classroom setting, are interested in more challenging classes, or want to work more independently, ICCSD Online is here to help students’ unique learning needs.

    Need some schedule flexibility? ICCSD Online teachers are adaptable and empathetic to student needs while maintaining high expectations, and they collaborate with colleagues to provide innovative and enriching learning experiences.

  • Our Core Values & PBIS
  • Our Mission & Vision
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