Logging into Class: A Step by Step Process

    1. Log into class on time, and wait until the teacher lets you into the classroom.
    2. If you haven't been let into the classroom after three minutes past the class start time, email your teacher to let them know you are waiting. Note: This email will be your evidence of trying to notify your teacher.
    3. Double check your schedule and your emails to make sure you are in the correct Zoom classroom. Sometimes there are last-minute changes with subs or school delays.
    4. Please wait in the Zoom waiting room for the entire class period, or until your teacher lets you into the classroom.

Tech Problems?

  • Issues with Zoom are no longer valid excuses for absences. If you are having multiple issues with accessing the classroom, please contact the teacher and/or Help Desk for technical assistance. Here are some tips for troubleshooting:

    • Restarting device
    • Restarting home router/WIFI
    • Clearing cache and cookies on device
    • Checking home router/WIFI available bandwidth

    For more detailed information on troubleshooting, visit the Technology and Innovation Support Center

  • Be proactive about your absences or tardies!
    Contact the ICCSD Online attendance by phone, (319) 688-1370, or email to report an excused absence, or amend an absence with your evidence of attendance.

  • View our Attendance Policy
  • Email ICCSD Online Attendance