Student to Teacher Program

  • Our Student to Teacher Program aims to inspire our high school students to serve their communities by entering the field of education. Our program will provide passionate young people with hands-on teaching experience, sustain their interest in the profession, and help them cultivate the skills they need to be successful educators. The result is a pipeline of accomplished teachers who are positioned to make a lasting difference—not only in the lives of their students but also in the field of teaching more broadly.

Program Objective

  • Our District, partnered with the National Education Association’s Educators Rising (EdRising) program, has created the first chapter in the state of Iowa. This chapter is designed to keep aspiring teachers on the path to the classroom by inspiring them early, providing hope and support in high school.

    With mentorship and guidance from the University of Iowa Aspiring Educators program, students will gain early opportunities in this Educators Rising standards-aligned program to build the skills and mindsets they will need to thrive as future educators.

Program Standards

  • Educators Rising has developed seven standards to define what high school students exploring teaching need to know and be able to do to take their first steps on the path to accomplished teaching. These standards, accompanied by the core values of the Aspiring Educators program (Educator Quality, Community Engagement, Political Action, Social Justice), reflect a broad and powerful recognition that building the teaching profession begins by engaging secondary students. The standards and values will form the foundation of new secondary and post-secondary-based pathway programs and “Grow Your Own” efforts in high schools and universities across the country.