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    Supporting students, educators, and public education in Iowa.

    Public education is the backbone of every Iowa community. Public schools are educating the next  generation of Iowa leaders, entrepreneurs, inventors, teachers, doctors, tech wizards, researchers, and farmers. Our future workforce and society are learning in Iowa's public school classrooms today.  

    Public education welcomes every student and breaks the cycle of poverty. Although taxpayers  realize a return on the investment in public education, we also know that public schools are the heart  of our communities, preparing our students to be caring citizens. Our public school educators, staff, and leaders strive every day to meet children where they are, challenge them when they need a push, help them recover when they fall, and support them to success. Most Iowans today have a public school teacher they can thank, who set them and their classmates or their children on the right track to success. 

Our Legislative Priorities

  • Invest in Iowa's Future

    Provide adequate school funding with SSA set at 5.0% including a minimum of 3.75% SSA for inflationary costs and competitive wage and benefits for staff and additional 1.25% SSA for childcare and workforce pipeline challenges for 2022-23 school year. Funding should be set predictably, timely, sustainably and equitably.  Continued progress on the inequity within the formula is important. Districts need adequate funding to address growing inflation and teacher and staff shortages in Iowa’s competitive employment economy.

    Fully Fund 4 Year Old Preschool Instruction

    Children never get a second chance at a good start and students that complete preschool are better prepared to become successful students.

    No Vouchers

    Vouchers are a diversion of public education funds to programs that do not have to follow Department of Education rules. All schools receiving any federal or state dollars should adhere to ALL federal and state rules and regulations.

    Mental Health Services

    Structure and funding to eliminate the shortage of professionals. Funds to provide case management and service coordination is required when Medicaid, special education or other categorical funds do not cover it. School districts require  capacity and/or funding to provide 1) transition support and services  for students returning to school after a mental health placement,  
    2) ongoing teacher, administrator, and support staff training to improve awareness and understanding of child social-emotional, behavioral and mental health needs, 3) actionable classroom strategies to address student needs, and 4) integration of mental health promotion into instruction when appropriate.

    Restoration of Chapter 20

    The state of Iowa should be  leading the country in attracting talent to our school districts.  Restoring Chapter 20 will have a direct impact on the recruitment and retention of educators and morale within our schools.