Find Your Career Pathway

  • Career Pathways provide information on the 16 major career clusters through an organized approach to career planning, allowing students to plot a course of education and training based upon their personal career goals. These pathways were developed as a joint venture between the Iowa City Community School District, Kirkwood Community College, and the ICR Iowa.

    Each pathway outlines high school curricula and college education or vocational training to lead students through a series of manageable steps designed to prepare them for the next level of education and employment. Students can use these pathways in consultation with their high school and college counselors to plan the best way to meet their future education and career goals.  

    At the secondary level, CTE programs are organized within six broad service areas. Programs within these service areas are further aligned with the National Career Clusters Framework. CTE programs at the postsecondary (community college) level are also organized by the framework.

Explore What's Out There

  • Where do you start when choosing a career? With the number of career choices out there, career clusters are one way to group career choices. Six career fields are the broadest level of career options. Careers with common features are in the same cluster. Check out each cluster as a way to find your best career pathway!