• School Expectation - Daily Attendance

    We at Grant Wood strive to support our students and families in establishing and sustaining positive school attendance.

    Benefits of Daily Attendance

    Why Is Attendance so Important?  Attendance at School Is Vitally Important to a Student’s Success.  The Impact of Daily and Timely Attendance Can Be Seen Throughout Our Students' School Experience and Academic Achievement. Daily and On-time Attendance Nurtures a Student's Sense of Connectedness to Their School Community - Feeling a Stronger Sense of Connectedness Fostering a Stronger Sense of Engagement with Peers, School Staff, and the Learning Experience.  Studies Have Shown, How Regular School Attendance Has a Positive Impact on Academic Achievement for Students, Even When Not Perfect Attendance, but Absences Below the Chronic Absenteeism Level.  

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  • Important Definitions:   

    Unexcused/Truant:  a Student Who Is Absent from School Without Parent/Guardian Communication of an Acceptable Excuse.  a Student May Be Considered Unexcused Even with Parent Contact.  Our Attendance Coding System Follows District Guidelines.

    Excused:  a Student Who Is Absent with Parent/Guardian Communication of an Acceptable Excuse. 

    Approved:  the Reason Provided Falls Within the "Acceptable Reasons" Determined Within Our District Guidelines - Which May Also Require That Parents/Guardians Provide the School Medical or Legal Documentation. See Below for More Information.

    Excessive:  the Total Number of Occurrences (I.e. Days) in a School Year That Exceeds the District Determined Total Before a Student Is Considered Chronically Absent and/or Habitually Truant.

    • 8 or More Excused Days (Total) in a School Year Are Considered Excessive Absences;

    • 5 or More Unexcused Days (Total) in a School Year Are Considered Excessive Absences;

    • 10 Unexcused Late Arrivals (Total) in a School Year Are Considered Excessive Late Arrivals (or Tardies).

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  • Our Office and Attendance Response Team will continue to reach out to our families whose student(s) attendance reaches a level of concern. 

    • Students with 10% or Higher Absenteeism Are Considered Chronically Absent.

    • Chronic Absenteeism Resulting from Unexcused Absences and/or Repeated Unexcused Late Arrivals Can Result in a Student Being Deemed Habitually Truant. 

    • Truancy Is Processed in Accordance with Our District's Guidelines.

    Included in the process are the District Attendance Notification Letters as communication from our office and the Attendance Response Team to coordinate the required Attendance Plan meeting.

    Note: If your child will be absent from school, please contact our school office, 319-688-1180 and provide a reason for the absence (Attendance Secretary, Ms. Kara Steggall steggall.kara@iowacityschools.org). Providing a reason for the absence helps us determine the appropriate District-approved code for your student's absence within Infinite Campus.

    If your student's attendance reaches a level of concern due to chronic absenteeism or habitual truancy, the Parent/Guardian will be required to meet with school administration and establish an attendance improvement plan.  Failing to improve or correct the identified attendance concerns will result in the student's attendance pattern being referred to the Johnson County Attorney's Office.  

  • Acceptable Excuses for Absences and Tardies: 

    1. Evidence That the Student Is Not in Proper Physical or Mental Condition to Attend School or an Educational Program.  the District May Request the Parent or Guardian to Obtain a Written Statement from a Physician or Licensed Practitioner As Proof of the Physical or Mental Condition of the Student.  Such Excuses Shall Be Made in Writing, Shall State the Time Period for Which It Is Valid, and Shall Not Exceed 30 Days.

    2. Medical, Dental, Chiropractic, Optometric, or Other Valid Appointments.  Parents Should Provide Documentation from the Provider.  If Possible, Routine Appointments Should Be Scheduled off School Hours.

    3. A Death in the Immediate Family, or Funerals for Close Relatives.

    4. Religious Holidays

    5. Family Trips That Can Be Taken Only During the Normal School Term.  a Parent/Guardian Must Notify the School Attendance Officer of the Pending Absence.  the Administrator Will Verify the Student’s Attendance Record and Overall Performance Record.  If Attendance Is Satisfactory, the Administrator May Approve the Use of up to Five of the Allotted Excused Absence Days per Year for Family Trips.

    6. A Court Appearance, Placement, or Other Legal Procedure Which Requires the Attendance of the Student.

    7. A Quarantine As Imposed by a Public Health Officer.

    8. Attendance at Special Events of Educational Value, or School Activities Approved by the School Administrator.

    9. Special Circumstances That Show Good Cause Which the School Attendance Officer Approves of  in Advance.

    10. In-school and/or Out-of-school Suspensions.