Transition Alliance Program (TAP)

  • The goal for each TAP student is competitive integrated employment, whether that is directly out of high school or after completing post-secondary training.

    What is TAP?

    The TAP is a partnership between Iowa City Community School District (ICCSD) and Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services (IVRS).

    TAP provides the following Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) to ICCSD students: 

    • Job Exploration Counseling
    • Work-Based Learning Experiences
    • Counseling on Opportunities
    • Workplace Readiness Training
    • Self Advocacy Instruction

    TAP provides post-secondary training and employment support services to graduates of ICCSD who have been determined eligible for IVRS while in high school.

    A student must have one of the following:

    • Individualized Education Plan (IEP)
    • 504 plan
    • Documented diagnosis that presents barriers to employment
    • Completed Pre-ETS agreement and IVRS consent form