Our Learning Community

  • A Learning Community
    Lincoln Elementary is a community of learners where students, teachers, administrators and parents share in the learning process. The classroom is the core of the community and is centered on the development of all children. Students are the center of all instructional decisions.  Parents, teachers, principal and students work together to set learning goals and personalize the learning experience.  Parents are the child's first and most essential teachers. The home-school partnership is cultivated by parents participating knowledgeably as partners with school personnel in their child's education.

    A Coherent Curriculum
    The curriculum addresses the developmental needs and interests of our students and is aligned with the priorities of the Iowa City Community School District. The Common Core State Standards, the Iowa Core, and the District's benchmarks and Student Learning Standards provide the framework for the instructional program. Teachers refine and expand the district's designated goals and objectives to meet students' needs through differentiated instruction.

    A Climate for Learning
    Classrooms are structured for interactive learning. Students are encouraged to be active, creative and collaborative learners who develop skills and strategies while working in varied groupings. The Lincoln educational program supports the development of the "whole child" recognizing that a child's physical, social, and emotional well-being together, impacts learning.

    Measuring for Success
    Progress is measured and monitored continually through formative assessments woven into the curriculum. Throughout a unit of study, teachers evaluate learning through observations, written work, and informal assessments. Students monitor their learning through self assessments, demonstrations and portfolios. Student learning is also monitored through standardized assessments as well as district assessments.