All School Traditions

  • Lincoln has many traditions that bind our school community into a family and build a healthy environment. Most of our traditions have been practiced for many years! Traditions make everyone feel like they belong and leave memories that students and staff can cherish forever.

    All-School Traditions

    The whole school participates in a number of traditional activities which build a sense of community and provide a lot of fun for all. Here are the special traditions Lincoln has developed for all students:

    Art Project All-School Project

    The first all school project was created in the 1970's and has become a yearly tradition. Each school year, an all school focus for special projects is determined. Through special activities in classrooms and with older and younger buddies, students extend their learning and participate in activities that are fun. Past all school projects have included a focus on fine arts, Iowa, cultures around the world, entrepreneurships, and helping others. All school projects change every year, but always have the common goal of bringing the whole school together to learn and do unique and interesting activities.

    Fun Night

    Fun Night is a PTO fundraiser carnival which includes mini-golf, a jump cage, a pop toss, a cakewalk, the Goody Shop and many other fun activities. It is usually held in April on a Saturday night from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. This tradition started a long time ago and is open to all families and also enjoyed by many former Lincoln students.

    Fine Arts Night

    Family and friends of Lincoln students come each spring for Fine Arts Night. This is a time where students share what they have learned and created in their music and art classes. It's a wonderful evening of performances and art work!

    Halloween Parade
    Outdoor Day

    Outdoor Day is a time when the entire school goes outside to play games. Outdoor Day started in 1980 to build a sense of community and to get students involved in cooperative and noncompetitive sports. All the staff and kids participate in Outdoor Day. Outdoor Day is planned in the spring and is led by sixth grade students. The afternoon culminates in the traditional sixth grade students and staff kickball game.

    Pancake Day

    Lincoln School honors Abraham Lincoln with a celebration on February 12, his birth date. Students create their own pancakes with our own special recipe. We think Abe Lincoln might have enjoyed "Flap Jacks" like ours! The students make the pancakes with the help of parent volunteers, and then add toppings and eat them. They learn interesting facts about our namesake, too!


    Quilts Quilts

    The tradition of making quilts was started in 1976, the United States Bicentennial year. Each Lincoln student designed his/her own quilt square. Many squares on this first quilt portrayed the American Revolution. We now make a new quilt every seven years so everyone will make a quilt square at least once during their elementary years. The quilt is always related in some way to that particular year's all school project. Teachers and parent volunteers decide the quilt pattern. Each child designs a picture, learns some stitches and then sews the design onto the square. Parent volunteers sew the squares together and a new Lincoln quilt is born!