About Us

  • The goal of the Lincoln program is to provide every student with an educational experience which promotes individual achievement, the feeling of self-worth, and an intrinsic lifelong motivation toward learning. The educational program is designed to address the academic, social, emotional and physical development of all children, thus emphasis is placed on the whole child.

    Lincoln is organized into Kindergarten and multi-aged units:  Primary unit (grades 1/2), Intermediate unit (grades 3/4), and Upper Unit (Grades 5/6). Language Arts and Mathematics are taught in single grade sections.  The learning environment is structured to promote the intellectual, social, emotional and physical development of each student. The curriculum emphasizes a strong foundation in reading, writing, oral communication, literature, math, scientific investigations skills, problem-solving, critical thinking skills and an appreciation of the fine arts.

    A number of traditional all school activities are an integral part of the educational program at Lincoln. Each year, a special year long, All School Project, developed around a central theme, is planned to provide enrichment activities for all students. Other traditional activities include visiting authors, a Lincoln Pancake Day Celebration, Student Council events, and buddy activities.

    A sense of collegiality is evident through the involvement of students, staff and parents in the Lincoln program. The Lincoln PTO is an active group, supporting the educational program by sponsoring artist in residence programs, visiting authors, book fairs, a yearly Ice Cream Social and Fun Night Carnival. Volunteers assist with all school projects, Reading and Math Buddies, the Library Volunteer Program, the Lincoln Student Publishing Center, School Garden, and other activities.

    Lincoln students live in both Manville Heights and River Heights. Students in the Manville Heights neighborhood live within walking distance to the school; students living in the River Heights area are bussed to school. Lincoln students attend Northwest Junior High and then City High school. Lincoln Elementary was opened in 1926. Over the years, a number of classrooms, and media center have been built in response to a growing population yet Lincoln remains one of the smaller elementary schools in the district. Because of Lincoln's smaller school population, the articulation and continuity of the educational program K-6, the many traditional activities and sense of collegiality among students, staff and parents, new families soon feel a part of the Lincoln Elementary School community.

    Our enrollment is approximately 240 students.

ELL Superstar School for the 2021-2022 Designation