Birthday Celebrations at Lincoln

  • The new ICCSD Wellness Policy for Classroom Snack and Celebrations may impact how your child has traditionally celebrated their birthday at school.

    At Lincoln, we feel it is important to recognize each student’s birthday and allow families choices. Students will have the option to either:

    • have their birthday recognized with a brief non-food activity that is planned in advance with his/her homeroom teacher or
    • provide a small, healthy treat for each member of his/her homeroom class that complies with the ICCSD Wellness Policy for Classroom Snack and Celebrations.

    No homemade food or food with nuts/nut products will be allowed. Please refer to the district policy below for specific examples. Treats that do not comply with the policy will not be served and will be returned to the parent.

    As in the past, please do not have balloons or flowers for your child delivered to the school for any reason.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your child’s homeroom teacher or you may reach me at 

    For more information regarding foods for classroom snack and celebrations, please visit the district site at: