• The Iowa City Community School District Board of Education consists of seven community members elected by the citizens of the District. Board members are elected at-large and serve overlapping terms of four years.

    The School Board acts to establish policies that govern the operation of the Iowa City Community School District. It has final control over local school matters limited by the state legislature, the courts, and the will of the people as expressed in School District elections.

    The Board of Education takes action on matters only in formal session with a majority of members present. The Board President serves as the spokesperson for the School Board’s position on all items related to the public schools.

    Regular meetings of the ICCSD Board of Education are scheduled on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the Professional Development Center at the Educational Services Center, 1725 North Dodge Street, Iowa City, IA, unless posted otherwise. Special meetings are also called when necessary. All meeting notices are announced to local media and posted on the District website. The Board of Education serves the public and all of its meetings, including committee meetings, are open to the community. Public attendance and input are encouraged by the Board of Education.

    State law permits the Board to go into closed session only to discuss personnel matters, property acquisition, consult with attorneys, etc. These sessions must be posted and all action taken must conform with the requirements of the Iowa Open Meetings Law.

    Board meeting agendas are posted on the District’s website at least 24 hours before a scheduled meeting. Special provisions apply in case of an emergency meeting.