The Lucas Vision

  • Lucas is a school community where ...

    • all children have opportunities to grow and learn in a supportive environment,
    • successful learning and respect for all are valued priorities, and
    • staff, parents, and community act in partnership and serve as positive role models to promote lifelong learning.

Our Mission

  • The Mission of Robert Lucas School is to provide opportunities for students to become responsible, independent learners who capable of making informed decisions in today's changing society. This will be accomplished by challenging each student with a comprehensive and creative curriculum taught by a professional, diverse, caring staff and through the resources and efforts of the entire community.

Guiding Beliefs

    1. All students can learn.
    2. Students learn in different ways and at different rates.
    3. Learning must be motivating and varied to meet individual needs.
    4. Learning is meaningful, relevant, and continues throughout life.
    5. Students are responsible for their learning, while staff, parents, and community share the responsibility of providing learning opportunities.
    6. Learning is accomplished in a nurturing, stimulating environment in which:

      1. everyone feels safe, valued, and respected.
      2. communication is open.
      3. there is understanding and acceptance of all individuals.
      4. healthy risks are a purposeful part of growth.

    7. High expectations and strong individual effort are necessary for success.