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Iowa City Community School District

Branding Guidelines and Assets

Our branding guidelines are essential in defining who we are and how we communicate. It's all about what we say, how we say it, and how we present ourselves. Everything we create represents our District to our students, current families, prospective families, staff, and our broader community. Consistent and thoughtful branding ensures that our message is clear and aligns with our story and our mission: All in for All Kids.

Need graphic design help?

Our Community Relations team can help you create projects that support our District's brand. Simply fill out the form below to get started. Our goal is to help you effectively reach your audience while maintaining our brand standards.

Graphic Design Request Form

Have a project that needs to be reviewed?

Our Community Relations team is responsible for ensuring our District's brand identity is used according to our guidelines. For each project involving ICCSD branding, we ask that the form below be completed to ensure brand standards are met.

Brand/Logo Use Approval Form



Heading: Fjalla One

Body Text: Montserrat

Script: Rochester or Brittany

Download Fjalla One

Download Montserrat


Color wheel



R: 239
G: 239
B: 239



R: 64
G: 64
B: 64



R: 239
G: 105
B: 35

Light Blue


R: 170
G: 205
B: 240



R: 34
G: 87
B: 165

Dark Blue


R: 20
G: 57
B: 102

School-Specific Branding