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Curriculum Self-Study Reports

We review curriculum for the purpose of (1) meeting the state requirement of reviewing curriculum, and (2) to guide the development of our District's Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP). The curriculum review process provides a systematic procedure to study existing curriculum areas and programs relative to internal and external standards.

Each year, at the district-wide level, a self-study committee is appointed for the areas under study for that particular school year. A self-study committee has the responsibility of carrying out the K–12 curriculum review process for each curricular area. Teachers in the curricular area meet throughout the year, and the self-study committees meet two to three times a year to carry out program review tasks. The committee may continue to meet on an as-needed basis during the remaining years of the cycle.

Membership on the committee includes administrators, teachers, parents, and community representatives and may include librarians, special education teachers, counselors, or other curricular area specialists. The committee is chaired by the curricular area coordinator.

During the first two years of the process, key questions are established and surveys are completed by teachers, administrators, parents, and students to identify program components and satisfaction with the program. Student achievement and program data also are collected. During the summer following data collection, the data are reviewed for the purpose of further analysis. From the data analysis, strengths and limitations are identified. During year two, recommendations are made to address limitations, and an improvement plan is written to outline procedures for accomplishing the recommendations over the next six years.