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24 Risk Assessment Chart

Levels Definition
Extreme Risk

A real threat is made or is present

Threatener poses an imminent risk to themselves or another person

Threat is concrete (specific and direct)

A threat is repeated or shared in multiple ways or across multiple platforms

The threat is consistent, plausible, or includes specific details (time, place, method)

Content of threat suggest threatener will carry it out within the next 24 hours (reference to weapons, means and target)

Threat is repeated with consistency

Student is actively experiencing suicide ideation that includes intent and/or specific plan

Threatener has previous extreme risk notifications related to suicidal behavior within last 3 months 

Increased Moderate Risk

A real threat is made or is present

A threat is repeated or shared in multiple ways

Threats are repeated with consistency (e.g.trying to convince a friend how serious they are)

Information about the threat itself is consistent, plausible, or includes detail (date, time, place etc.) but is NOT within the next 24 hours and does not mention a specific method of self harm)

Content of a threat suggests the threatener may carry it out at some point, but not within the next 24 hours.

Threat is vague, but direct, or specific but indirect (vage/specific in terms of plans, direct or indirect in terms of target)

Active but unspecific suicidal/self harm thoughts or intentions

Student is clearly experiencing a mental health struggle

Moderate Risk

Threat present

Information about a threat is implausible or lacks specific details

A threat lacks realism, or is repeated with equally unrealistic variations

The actual context of the suggests the threatener is unlikely to carry it out

Any threat of self harm is vague and indirect, but may still be shared with other people

Student exhibits a debilitating depression or anxiety that clearly goes beyond simply being sad

Student lacks any motivation and/or drive for their own life

Student is exhibiting clear distress