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Board Policies


Adoption Date: 06/22/2021

History: 11/23/21(reviewed), 11/29/22 (reviewed), 10/24/23 (reviewed)

The following rules of procedure have been adopted by the board at the annual or organizational meeting:

  1. Board members need not rise to gain the recognition of the board president.
  2. All motions will be made as a positive action.
  3. A motion will be adopted or carried if it receives an affirmative vote from more than half of the votes cast. Only "yes" and "no" votes are counted in this calculation. It should be noted that some motions require larger numbers of affirmative votes, such as to move into a closed session.
  4. All motions shall receive a second, prior to opening the issue for discussion of the board. If a motion does not receive a second, the board president may declare the motion dead for lack of a second.
  5. The board president may decide the order in which board members will be recognized to address an issue. An attempt should be made to alternate between pro and con positions.
  6. The board president shall rule on all motions that come before the board.
  7. The board president may rule on points of order brought before the board.
  8. The board president shall have complete authority to recognize a member of the audience regarding a request to participate in the board meeting. Members of the public who wish to participate shall follow board policy.
  9. The board president has the authority to declare a recess at any time for the purpose of restoring decorum to the meeting.
  10. The board president has the same authority and responsibility as each board member to vote on all issues.
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