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Board Policies


Adoption Date: 11/23/2021

History: 11/29/22 (reviewed), 10/24/23 (reviewed)

  1. Negotiating sessions, strategy meetings of public employers or employee organizations, mediation and the deliberative process of arbitration;
  2. to discuss strategy in matters relating to employment conditions of employees not covered by the collective bargaining law;
  3. to conduct a private hearing relating to the recommended termination of a teacher's contract.  The private hearing however, in the teacher's contract termination will be recorded verbatim by a court reporter; and
  4. to conduct a private hearing relating to the termination of a probationary administrator's contract or to review the proposed decision of the administrative law judge regarding the termination of an administrator's contract.

Policy References:

Legal Reference:     

Iowa Code §§ 20.17; 21; 22.7; 279.15, .16. 

Cross Reference:

208          Ad Hoc Committees
208.E1     Ad Hoc Committees - Exhibit
211          Open Meetings
212         Closed Sessions

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