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Board Policies


Adoption Date: 06/22/2021

History: 02/22/22 (reviewed), 12/13/22 (reviewed), 12/12/23 (reviewed)

The District strongly believes that an environment where employees maintain clear boundaries between employee personal and business interactions is most effective for conducting business and maintaining positive employee morale. Although this work rule does not prevent the development of all romantic relationships between coworkers, it does prohibit such relationships between coworkers in a direct supervisor/subordinate relationship.

Because of the inherent imbalance of power and need for trust, those employees with supervisory and/or evaluative authority should be aware that dating or personal relationships that might be appropriate in other circumstances have inherent dangers when they occur between a supervisor and subordinate. Relationships between employees in supervisor/subordinate relationships increase the likelihood of sexual harassment in the workplace and create morale problems resulting from actual or perceived favoritism. Such relationships can also create a conflict of interest where personal loyalties interfere with obligations owed to the District and its students. Because of this, these relationships are detrimental to the District's educational mission.

It is a violation of District policy, subject to disciplinary action, for a District employee in a position of authority to date or engage in a romantic relationship with any employee over whom they have direct authority or supervision. It is also a violation of this policy for any District employee in a position of authority or supervision to participate in the evaluation of, or employment decisions involving another employee or job applicant, if the supervisor is dating or has a romantic relationship with the individual.

Disciplinary action for any employee in a position of authority or supervision who violates this policy may include, but is not limited to, reprimand, involuntary transfer, reassignment, suspension or termination, as appropriate.

Other employees in non-supervisor/subordinate positions who date or otherwise have romantic personal relationships with fellow coworkers must understand that such behavior, while not strictly prohibited by this policy, is discouraged and may have an effect on the employment status of the individuals involved should the nature of the relationship change or the employment positions of the employees change. Additionally, employees who allow personal relationships with coworkers to adversely affect the working environment will be subject to the appropriate provisions of the District's sexual harassment policy or other applicable District policies regarding employee behavior. Failure to modify behavior and observe appropriate standards of workplace conduct shall be viewed as a violation of District policy and procedures and may result in discipline or adverse employment action including, but not limited to, reprimand, involuntary transfer, reassignment, suspension or termination.

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