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Board Policies


Adoption Date: 06/22/2021

History: 3/22/22 (reviewed), 2/14/23 (reviewed), 2/13/24 (reviewed)

Before the student may enroll in the district’s education program, the board will require evidence of age and residency in the form of a birth certificate or other evidence of age. It is within the discretion of the superintendent or designee to determine what is satisfactory evidence for proof of age.

Prior to enrollment, the child must provide the administration with their health and immunization certificate. Failure to provide this information within the time period set by the superintendent or designee is reason for denying admission to the student.

Policy References:

Legal Reference:

Iowa Code §§ 139A.8; 144.45(5); 282.1, .3, .6 

Cross Reference:

507.01    Student Health and Immunization Certificates
607.02    Student Health Services
607.02-R1    Student Health Services - Regulation

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