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Board Policies


Adoption Date: 06/22/2021

Revision History: 3/22/22 (reviewed), 2/14/23 (reviewed), 2/13/24 (reviewed)

Parents or guardians of siblings in the same grade level academically in grades kindergarten through grade five may request the siblings be placed in the same or different classrooms. In order to be valid, the request must be made in writing and submitted to the school principal at the time of registration for classes, or within fourteen days after the children’s first day of attendance during the school year. If a valid request is received by the school principal, the request must be honored. While a parent or guardian may make a placement request that siblings be placed together or apart, the district administration retains complete discretion to select the classroom teacher(s) to which siblings are assigned. If after the initial grading period following the placement of siblings in the same or different classrooms, the school principal determines the placement is disruptive to the class, the principal may assign one or more of the siblings to different classrooms.

It is the responsibility of the superintendent or designee to make a recommendation to the board annually regarding the assigned attendance center for each student. In making the recommendation, the superintendent or designee will consider the geographical layout of the school district, the condition and location of the school district facilities, the location of student population, possible transportation challenges, financial condition of the school district and other factors deemed relevant by the superintendent or designee or the board.


Policy References:

Legal Reference:

Iowa Code §§ 139A.8; 144.45(5); 282.1, .3, .6 

Cross Reference:

507.01    Student Health and Immunization Certificates
607.02    Student Health Services
607.02-R1    Student Health Services - Regulation

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