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Board Policies


Last Updated Date: 11/29/2022

Adoption Date: 06/22/2021

Revision History: 3/22/22 (reviewed), 11/29/22 (updated), 2/14/23 (reviewed), 2/13/24 (reviewed)

Fundraising Requests

Fundraising is used to supplement district financial and human resources.Fundraising may be used to purchase materials and services. It may also be used to undertake facility improvements. In order to coordinate fundraising activities and acknowledge the burden that can be placed on local businesses and individuals without such coordination, the district has established a fundraising approval process to include a completed and submitted campaign form that can be found on the district website.

For the purpose of these guidelines, the term fundraising includes any request of financial or in-kind assistance made by an individual or group to an individual, group, or business on behalf of the District or a District school or program. This includes grant proposals. The Fundraising Approval Committee, appointed by the Superintendent, reviews all fundraising proposals prior to implementation and provides feedback on items such as the size and scope, timing, and campaign donor solicitation.

The Fundraising Approval Committee coordinates with the Foundation for ICCSD. While fundraising may be targeted to benefit the district in areas other than facilities, it is noted that, for any campaign with a purpose to alter or improve district facilities, the Fundraising Approval Committee will consult with operations prior to considering an application.

Approval must be secured from the Fundraising Approval Committee, and all applicable funds must be collected and in possession of the Foundation for ICCSD before an order for materials or services may be placed or before construction on a facility improvement may begin. Fundraising pledges are important but do not constitute collected funds for the purpose of this guideline.

In addition to seeking approval from the Fundraising Approval Committee, all campaigns expected to exceed $5,000 and any donations of $1,000 or more are required to use the Foundation for ICCSD. This provides the campaign/donor with oversight of these larger-scale donations and the proper documentation necessary for both the donor and the District. These campaigns/donations will be subject to the provisions outlined by the Foundation for ICCSD as they relate to fees and procedures.

Staff members who conduct student fundraising activities without prior approval from the Fundraising Approval Committee may be subject to disciplinary action.

It is the responsibility of the superintendent or designee, in conjunction with the principal, to develop administrative regulations regarding this policy.

Policy References:

Legal Reference:

Senior Class of Pekin High School v. Tharp, 154 N.W.2d 874 (Iowa 1967).
Iowa Code § 279.8.

Cross Reference:

507.9         Wellness
507.9R1    Wellness - Regulation
704.5         Student Activities Fund
704.6         Online Fundraising Campaigns/Crowdfunding
710.3         Vending Machines
904.2         Advertising and Promotion

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