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Board Policies


Last Updated Date: 01/31/2023

Adoption Date: 06/22/2021

Revision History: 4/26/22 (reviewed), 1/31/23 (updated), 3/28/23 (reviewed), 3/26/24 (reviewed)

The board may define the number of days kindergarten will be held and the length of each school day for the students attending kindergarten. The school day will consist of a schedule as recommended by the superintendent and approved by the board.

If using days, not hours, the school district may also record a day of school with less than the minimum instructional hours if the total hours of instructional time for grades one through twelve in any five consecutive school days equals a minimum of thirty hours, even though any one day of school is less than the minimum instructional hours because of a staff development opportunity provided for the instructional staff or parent-teacher conferences have been scheduled beyond the regular school day. If the total hours of instructional time for the first four consecutive days equal at least thirty hours because parent-teacher conferences have been scheduled beyond the regular school day, the school district may record zero hours of instructional time on the fifth consecutive school day as a school day. Schedule revisions and changes in time allotments will be made by the superintendent.

When the school is forced to close due to weather or other emergencies, the part of the day during which school was in session will constitute a school day. The superintendent or designee will create administrative regulations necessary to utilize any remote learning opportunities that are available and permitted by law during the period of closure. The provision of special education and accommodation for students who have individualized education programs (IEPs) or Section 504 plans during periods of closure will be determined by each respective IEP or Section 504 team.

It is the responsibility of the superintendent to inform the board annually of the length of the school day.


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Cross Reference:

601.1 School Calendar
711.8 Transportation in Inclement Weather


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