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Board Policies


Last Updated Date: 03/28/2023

Adoption Date: 06/22/2021

Revision History: 4/26/22 (reviewed), 3/28/23 (updated), 3/26/24 (reviewed)

Special education students are required to meet the graduation requirements listed for special education students in IASB sample policy 505.5 – Graduation Requirements and in their IEPs for graduation. It is the responsibility of the superintendent or designee and the area education agency director of special education to provide or make provisions for appropriate special education and related services.

Children from birth through age 2 and children age 3 through age 5 are provided comprehensive special education services within the public education system. The school district will work in conjunction with the area education agency to provide services, at the earliest appropriate time, to children with disabilities from birth through age 2. This is done to ensure a smooth transition of children entitled to early childhood special education services.

Policy References: 

Legal Reference:

Board of Education v. Rowley, 458 U.S. 176 (1982).
Springdale School District #50 v. Grace, 693 F.2d 41 (8th Cir. 1982).
Southeast Warren Comm. School District v. Dept. of Public Instruction, 285 N.W.2d
    173 (Iowa 1979).
20 U.S.C. §§1400 et seq.
34 C.F.R. Pt. 300 et seq.
Iowa Code §§ 256.11(7); 256B; 273.1, .2, .5, .9(2)-(3); 280.8.
281 I.A.C. 41.109; 41.404

Cross Reference:

501.16      Homeless Children and Youth
503.1      Student Conduct
503.1R1      Student Conduct - Regulation
505.5      Graduation Requirements
506.1      Education Records Access
506.1R1      Education Records Access - Regulation
506.1E1      Education Records Access - Request of Nonparent for Examination or Copies of Education Records
506.1E2      Education Records Access - Authorization for Release of Education Records
506.1E3      Education Records Access - Request for Hearing on Correction of Education Records
506.1E4      Education Records Access - Request for Examination of Education Records
506.1E5      Education Records Access - Notification of Transfer of Education Records
506.1E6      Education Records Access - Letter to Parent Regarding Receipt of a Subpoena
506.1E7      Education Records Access - Juvenile Justice Agency Information Sharing Agreement
506.1E8      Education Records Access - Annual Notice
507.2      Administration of Medication to Students
507.2E1      Administration of Medication to Students - Authorization - Asthma, Airway Constricting or Respiratory Distress              Medication Self-Administration Consent Form
507.2E2      Administration of Medication to Students - Parental Authorization and Release Form for the Administration of Medication or Special Health Services to Students
507.2E3        Administration of Medication to Students - Parental Authorization and Release Form for Independent Self Carry and         Administration of Prescribed Medication or Independent Delivery of Health Services by the Student
507.2E4      Administration of Medication to Students - Parental Authorization and Release Form for the Administration of Voluntary    School Stock of Over-the-Counter Medication to Students
507.8      Student Special Health Services
507.8R1      Student Special Health Services - Regulation
601.1      School Calendar
711.1      Student School Transportation Eligibility
802.5      Buildings & Sites Adaptation for Persons with Disabilities
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