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Board Policies


Last Updated Date: 3/26/24

Adoption Date: 06/22/2021

Revision History: 4/26/22 (updated), 3/28/23 (reviewed), 2/13/24 (updated), 3/26/24 (updated)

Individual student accounts and electronic mail addresses will be issued to district students. Access to and use of non-district accounts and electronic mail addresses may be restricted on student devices.

The Internet serves as an extensive repository of educational materials for both students and employees, constituting a global network that renders comprehensive control over all available information impracticable. Given the dynamic nature of information, with content continually emerging,
vanishing, and evolving, predicting or regulating students' online discoveries is unfeasible. The school district cannot assure the accuracy of information obtained through the Internet.

While students will be under teacher supervision during network usage, the constant monitoring of individual students and their accessed content remains unattainable.

Some students might encounter information which may not be of educational value. Student Internet records and access records are confidential records treated like other student records. Students’ Internet activities will be monitored by the school district to ensure students are not accessing inappropriate sites that have visual depictions that include obscenity, child pornography or are harmful
to minors. The school district will use technology protection measures to protect students from inappropriate access, including sites that include obscenity, child pornography or are harmful to minors, and implement content filtering that complies with federal law.

The school district will monitor the online activities of students using school issued devices and will educate students about appropriate online behavior, including interacting on social networking sites and chat rooms. Students will also be educated on cyberbullying, including awareness and response. Employees will provide age-appropriate training for all students. The training provided will be
designed to promote the school district’s commitment to:


  • The standards and acceptable use of Internet services as set forth in the Internet Safety Policy;
  • Student safety with regard to:
    • safety on the Internet;
    • during the use of a generative artificial intelligence resources;
    • appropriate behavior while on online, on social networking Web sites, and
    • in chat rooms; and
    • cyberbullying awareness and response.
  • Compliance with the requirements of the Children’s Internet Protection Act

Employees and students will be instructed on the appropriate use of the Internet.

In compliance with federal law, this policy will be maintained at least five years beyond the termination of funding under the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) or E-rate.

Policy References:

Legal Reference:

47 C.F.R 54.520
Iowa Code § 279.8 

Cross Reference:

104 - Anti Bullying/Harassment Policy  
104.R1- Anti Bullying/Harassment Policy Investigation Procedures  
104.E1- Anti Bullying/Harassment Policy Complaint Form  
104.E2 - Anti Bullying/Harassment Policy Witness Disclosure Form  
104.E3 - Anti Bullying/Harassment Policy Disposition of Complaint Form   
604.10 - Online Courses  
604.11- Appropriate Use of Online Learning Platforms  
605.5 - School Library  
605.7 - Use of Informatin Resources  
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