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Board Policies


Adoption Date: 3/26/24


Selection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools

AI tools will be vetted by the superintendent or superintendent's designee. Decisions to use AI tools should be focused on:

  • Protection of students: Any AI tools used in the district must comply with the requirements that it safeguard students from accessing obscene material, child pornography, and content harmful to minors.
  • Privacy: Personally identifiable information of students will not be shared without necessary written consent. Further, any AI tools utilized must meet the requirements of the School Official exemption listed in FERPA and described in policy 712.
  • Accessibility: Is the tool available to students of all abilities? If not, what comparable alternatives will be offered to ensure an equitable learning environment for all students?
  • Accuracy: To the extent reasonable, the AI tool should be both reliable and unbiased in its pattern recognition, and data used by the tool should be verified for accuracy.
  • Transparent and Interruptible: Student use of AI tools must be able to be monitored by licensed staff to safeguard the appropriateness of the learning experience for the student and monitor for accuracy of the AI tool.
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