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Your Mental Health Matters!
We're got resources and supports to help!

We offer mental health support through a multi-tiered system of care. This approach involves district-wide systems, school-based staff, and specialized services provided to students and families in collaboration with community partners. Our aim is to provide support at various levels, ensuring that everyone, whether they are in need of universal support, targeted assistance, or intensive services, can access the help they need.

Need a moment?

Check out our Support & Wellness Center for all of our mental health and wellness resources in one place!

Also, learn more about our Mental Health Work Group, developed to advocate for current and future mental health services and supports in our District!

Examples of Support

All District Staff

  • Promote positive, intentional, relationship building interactions with students
  • Reflect on teaching strategies and the impact on all student learners
  • Commit to creating a safe and supportive culture and climate for all students

Specific Building Level School Staff

K-12 School Counselors – in all buildings
  • Elementary – teach counseling curriculum which includes bullying prevention; lead small group and individual counseling and interventions; suicide response and intervention. 
  • Secondary – graduation progress plan and course scheduling; post-secondary planning; lead small group and individual counseling and interventions; suicide response and intervention.
K-12 Student and Family Advocates – in all buildings
  • Coordination of school-based mental health services for students 
  • Crisis management and de-escalation support 
  • Suicide response and intervention 
  • Assistance with insurance, medication &/or healthcare access 
  • Advocacy with community providers, medical providers & school resources 
  • Parent education and support 
  • Individual and small group social skills instruction and/or counseling 
  • Teacher/school staff consultation
  • Referral and connection to school and community resources

K-12 School Nurses – in all buildings
  • Oversee day-to-day health issues including medication administration, first aid, emergency triage, etc. 
  • Provide physical and mental health screenings, ongoing monitoring, specific prescribed medical procedures and treatments
  • Suicide response and intervention
  • Health education for students, families and staff 
  • Connect students and families to school and community health resources

Community Resources & Active Partnerships

Social-Emotional Learning Resources for All Students

Partnerships with Community Agencies to Provide Targeted Support As Needed