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We're here to help

The NESTT, short for Navigating Emotions and Stress Through Training, is a dedicated mental health space tailored for our students, available at each of our comprehensive high schools.

It's a well-known fact that more than one-third of high school students encounter mental health challenges annually. In these instances, schools often play a crucial role in addressing these concerns. Enter the NESTT, a pioneering and collaborative initiative designed to champion the mental well-being of our students and community. Staffed by trained professionals, the NESTT offers a safe haven where students can access vital mental health and social-emotional support services while building essential skills and strategies. For our online students, we extend our support through our website and secure virtual sessions.

The approach of the NESTT is founded on extensive research, firmly grounded in trauma-informed practices. This ensures that our space remains a sanctuary for all students, fostering a trauma-sensitive school experience that prioritizes their safety and well-being.

The NESTT is supported through a generous grant through the Iowa City Community District Foundation. Thank you to all who donate to this wonderful organization supporting our schools and our students.