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What Does the Ombuds Do?

What the Ombuds Does:

  • Serves as a source of information and referral
  • Provides a confidential  space to explore options
  • Facilitates informal conflict resolution processes (e.g., informal mediation)
  • Provides conflict resolution best practices
  • Provides clarity on District policies and processes


What the Ombuds Does NOT:

  • Participate in formal processes, investigations, or complaints
  • Receive formal notice of claims against the organization
  • Replace existing formal processes or resources
  • Provide legal advice or act as an advocate/representative for any individual or entity
  • Direct any individual or the organization to take a specific course of action
  • Mandate policies, make binding decisions, or serve as an appeal process
  • Maintain or manage records on behalf of the District
  • Serve in any other organizational role that would compromise neutrality
  • Disclose confidential communications or take action without the visitor’s express consent (exceptions such as mandatory reporting, Title IX, and risk of imminent harm apply)
  • Testify or produce documents with respect to confidential communications in formal, legal, or administrative proceedings

Contact the

You can reach out to Janet Abejo-Parker by phone at (319) 688-1312 (Direct) or (319) 777-9558 (Cell), or you can always email Janet!

Learn more about contacting the Ombuds office