Margaret Beuter Mileage Club

  • The Mileage Club at Longfellow was started as a way for students to participate in an activity during their noon recess.  We are able to use our soccer field as our course for this activity.  The PTA supports our club with volunteers and with purchase of toe tokens, reproduction of mileage clubs and awards at the end of the school year.

    We had a beautiful fall for mileage club this year.  It is held on Tuesday and Thursday during the student’s noon recess.  Each class has a specific time in which they come out to participate.  They have a mileage club card which they carry.  Each lap that they take around the mileage club course (1/4 mile) they will receive a punch on their mileage card.  The kindergarten and first grade classes complete 2 ½ miles to earn a toe token.  The second thru sixth graders complete their card which is 5 miles.

    We encourage each student to walk or run at least one lap.  Many students use this time to complete many laps.  Some students use it as a warm-up and then they go participate in another activity of their choice. Our final day of school we award students who have earned the most toe tokens with a gift certificate from Scheels.    Each class then will have a male and female winner drawn from the completed mileage club cards.  Scheels has been a great sponsor.

    Our club relies on the support of the PTA volunteers to make this a great activity for all students.  The volunteers are able to learn the student’s names and support them in their goal to be active healthy learners. Parents are always welcome to come and join their child if it works into their schedule. We plan to start in April and continue through the end of the school year.

    We also use the leadership of our sixth graders to assist with our younger students.  This past fall Emily Arling, Adrian Bostian, Max Berry-Stoelzle, Addison Hackbarth were our student volunteers.   

    Special thanks to Kelli Kucera who is our PTA contact person and keeps all of us volunteers organized.  We will start  on the first sunny Tuesday in April around 10:50.  We do cancel of it is raining or to wet on the field.  Contact me if you have any questions about this program.  Happily Retired!