Troy Wentzien Data Center

  • Troy began employment with the ICCSD in November of 1993. He was the SchoolNet specialist, hired to build the first computer network in the ICCSD. He served in that capacity for 17 years. Troy attended the University of Iowa, where he was a member of the Hawkeye Marching Band. He graduated from UNI with a BA in business and a minor in computer science. Before working for the ICCSD Troy was a computer technician for ACT. Troy held a Certified Novell Engineer license. 

    Troy built the ICCSD computer network from the ground up. As slated in the startup, SchoolNet was originally to be a 56K dial in phone modem network connecting two administrative machines in every school building. In the space of a 
    year and a half, when all buildings were finally connected it had already grown into a T1 Wide Area Network with classroom and student computer lab machines in addition to the original administrative network. He also built the VOIP phone network, so that the ICCSD was the first school district in the state to have a comprehensive web presence and internet phone system. Besides conceiving and mapping the network Troy pulled wires, punched down Cat 5 blocks and installed phones and computers. His creative problem solving was never more in evidence when he discovered the easiest way to run network cables in a building was by attaching them to his son’s remote controlled car and sending them above the ceiling panels.

    Troy was a tireless worker and unfailingly upbeat. His energy and enthusiasm were legendary. He was well-known and highly respected by everyone he worked with from school building maintenance staff to central office administrators.
    Troy succumbed to brain cancer after a 2 year struggle on February 13, 2010. He was 46 years old. In November 2011 the Board of Directors of the Iowa City Community School District voted to name the data center at the new Educational Services Center the “H. Troy Wentzien Memorial Data Center.”

Photo of Data Center
Original File Server 1993