Amanda Mosley

SFA Goal

  • Partner with families, the school, and the community to improve student achievement and success.

What SFAs Do

  • We provide support, resources, and referrals to families with children attending in the Iowa City Community School District. All programs and services are free of charge and available to ICCSD families.

    • Assist with e-registration
    • Assist with free and reduced lunch applications
    • Provide crisis management and de-escalation intervention
    • Encourage parents to be actively involved in their children’s education
    • Provide support for attendance plans
    • Manage mental health and homeless support services
    • Coordinate the building Student Support Teams
    • Support access to district resources, i.e. School Children’s Aid, Healthy Kids school-based health clinic, extracurricular activities
    • Provide referrals to community resources
    • Assist with mental health appointments and services referrals
    • Consult on child mental health and behavior evaluations
    • Make home visits
    • Assist with applications to DHS and community programs:
      • Medicaid
      • Food assistance
      • Child care assistance
    • Provide transportation support
    • Provide mentoring for students
    • Provide welcome tours
    • Provide school supplies
    • Provide access to winter wear and clothing
    • Coordinate Operation Backpack (food distribution program to serve families over the weekend)
    • Educate parents and community partners on school policies and procedures
    • Educate school staff on family and cultural dynamics