• E-registration is an annual process that is completed by parents, through their parent PowerSchool account.  We invite you to review and update the demographic, emergency contact and health concern information that we currently have on file for your child(ren). Your help is critical to our having the most accurate information possible. We ask that you do this prior to onsite registration --secondary: between August 8th-16th, elementary: on August 2nd. Please complete eRegistration for all your children who will attend the ICCSD.

    COMPLETING eRegistration PRIOR to elementary registration on August 2nd fulfills the registration requirement and parents DO NOT need to attend that day.  Fees can be paid online through eRegistration, at the Ice Cream Social prior to school or at your school office during their office hours.

    Onsite school registration is still required at the secondary level (between August 8th-16th) COMPLETING eRegistration PRIOR to onsite registration allows parents to bypass step one of the process that day and proceed to ID photos, schedule information and fee payment.