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Updated Protocol for Early Release Due to Heat

The Iowa City Community School District has updated the protocol for releasing students early due to heat.  We are excited to announce that this year, all of our elementary students will be in air-conditioned learning spaces. This means that there will no longer be a need to release our elementary schools early due to high temperatures as we have occasionally had to do in the past.

For our secondary buildings (junior high and high school), there are still some non air-conditioned spaces and classrooms within those facilities.  In the event that there is a need to release early due to heat, a decision and announcement will be made by 10:00 am and secondary students will be released at 1:00 pm.  Elementary students will remain in school until their regular dismissal time. This will allow for the secondary bus routes to be completed in time for elementary bus routes to begin on their normal schedule.  Students will still receive lunch prior to dismissal.

You can find the District’s full Inclement Weather Guidelines at