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3R’s: Rights, Respect, Responsibility & Personal Safety


Throughout the next few weeks, your student will be learning about safety and human growth and development through health and counseling lessons. As your partners in education, the ICCSD has approved a curriculum called 3 R’s: Rights, Respect, Responsibility, to support learning in these areas. Learning about good communication, safety in relationships, and growth and development lays a foundation that can support healthy relationships and healthy behaviors throughout a person’s lifetime. This K-12 curriculum, therefore, is a collection of lesson plans on a wide range of topics including: self-understanding, family, growth and development, friendship, sexuality, life skills, and health promotion.

Your child is about to begin, or may have already begun, a period of rapid growth called puberty. As children grow and mature, many of them often wonder if they are normal as they notice themselves and their friends going through physical, emotional, and social changes that prepare them for adulthood. By teaching children about the ways they are maturing, adults can promote a positive attitude toward sexuality that helps children grow into healthy, responsible adults. As parents and caregivers, we also want to ensure that our children stay safe in an ever-changing world. Children who have talked to their parents and other trusted adults are more likely to understand the changes they are going through and are able to recognize and avoid risky behavior, as well as respond to potentially uncomfortable or unsafe situations. At every stage of development, children have the right to age-appropriate information about health, sexuality, and relationships.

As part of the lessons, students are encouraged to ask questions. All questions will be answered openly and honestly based on research-based, medically factual information. Your student will be encouraged to talk to you about growing up and to ask you questions as well. It is important for young people to be able to talk openly and comfortably about sexuality issues with their parents/caregivers. If you would like support for talking to your child about these topics, please reach out to me. You may also view resources on the 3R’s website:

3R's lessons will be delivered by the classroom teacher and will focus on the core concepts of human growth and sexuality. In accordance with our administrative guidelines*, all lessons will be taught in an inclusive setting with all students together regardless of gender. The topics covered will include:

  • Healthy relationships
    • What is Love Anyway-5th Grade
    • Liking and Loving-6th Grade
    • More than Friends-6th Grade
  • Effective communication
    • Communicating about a Sensitive Topic-6th Grade
  • Basic anatomy: Naming and understanding the physiology of the reproductive system and changes during puberty
    • Making Sense of Puberty-4th Grade
    • Puberty and Reproduction-5th Grade
    • Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy-5th Grade
    • Changes is Good-6th Grade

Personal Safety lessons will be delivered by the school counselor and will focus on the following core concepts, which build on each other from one grade to the next:

  • General safety rules for self and others
  • Understanding consent: Body autonomy, boundaries, respect for self and others
  • Touches: Safe and unsafe; wanted and unwanted
  • Recognizing signs of abuse and identification of trusted adults

These lessons will be taught through class health lessons and counseling lessons in the spring (contact your building counselor or student’s classroom teacher for exact dates). As a parent or guardian, you have the right to preview these materials. Please email me if you have any questions or wish to preview the materials. If, due to religious objections to the content, you would like your student to opt out of these lessons, please submit this request in writing to the building principal.

Lindsey Schluckebier (She, Her, Hers), Curriculum Coordinator: CTE, Counseling, Health | 319-688-1000

*These lessons have been designed to provide information to all students on human growth and development and align with the ICCSD LGBTQ+ guidelines, which state: “The district will encourage and engage in gender fair approaches to the educational program. Every student has the right to an LGBTQ+ inclusive curriculum and comprehensive sexual health education.” This policy falls under the district Bullying/Harassment Policy in adherence with Iowa Code Section 280, Iowa Safe School Law, Iowa Civil Rights Act Section 216.9, Federal Title IX of Education Acts. Students will receive this instruction in an inclusive setting which will not be separated by gender.