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Two Generous Donations (2020-21)

This year the ICCSD elementary libraries received two privately donated books.

The first book, A Virus Knows No Boundaries, was given to us by the author, Theresa Mitchell, who created it to facilitate family conversations and classroom discussions about the COVID-19 virus. Mitchell is a retired ICCSD classroom teacher, and the illustrator of the book, Madison Chicione, teaches art at Grant Elementary.

The second book, Lucky's Feet, was donated by retired Kirkwood Elementary teacher librarian Suzanne Bork and her husband, Byron (pictured below). This book was published by a friend of theirs, Tom Cook, in conjunction with his work with the Ponsetti Foundation. The story is based on a true recounting of a young African boy who was successfully treated with the Ponsetti method of correcting clubfeet.

Suzanne and Byron Bork

Thanks for your generosity to our students and libraries!