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Message to the Community

As we welcome students back for the new school year, we would like to take a moment to remind families of the commitment to equity and inclusion that the Iowa City Community School District holds.  As efforts are being made by the federal government to crack down on immigrants and refugees in the United States, our responsibility to provide a safe, secure, and nurturing environment for all of our students to participate in their education becomes more important than ever.

To all of our students who are immigrants or refugees – and to their friends, classmates and teachers who are also concerned because of recent events – know that the Iowa City Community School District stands by you.  We serve all families in our District and we want our students to be safe, to feel welcome, and to learn and succeed in our schools and community. We remain committed to celebrating and embracing our diversity, as that diversity makes us stronger.  We are proud to stand by, support, and celebrate each and every unique individual within our District. 

For further information on the District’s commitment and support, please review our Resolution to Support Students and Families Impacted by Immigration Enforcement, which was adopted by the Iowa City Community School District Board of Directors on March 28, 2017.

In addition, families who would like more information regarding available resources may contact the Center for Worker Justice by phone at (319) 594-7593 or by email at