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Information from Principal McGinnis

Dear Parents and Guardians:

I am honored to be your child’s school principal and am dedicated to working with you, our teachers, and support staff to do my very best. 

As a principal, it is my goal to make teaching and learning my primary focus. Everyone knows how day-to-day management tasks and outside distractions can take us away from our desired goals. As a result, I am participating in a nationally tested and proven professional development process called SAM.  It uses a unique set of tools to help principals focus on activities that are directly connected to improving teaching and learning.

The first step in the SAM process is to determine how I currently spend my time at school. A data collector will “shadow” me for several days, taking data every five minutes.  The data collector will not interact with others and will try to be as “invisible” as possible so they do not change what I would normally do. 

The data collector will carry a clipboard with a stopwatch and follow me wherever I go in the school throughout the day. The shadow will not speak or respond to anyone and will try to avoid eye contact so they do not become involved in our interactions. 

After data collection is complete, I will receive the results and begin a process designed to increase the time I spend focused on instructional leadership to improve teaching and learning.

Thanks for your support in helping us best meet the needs of your children.


Jason McGinnis

PS:  You can learn more about the SAM process at