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District Receives Educational Leadership Award from Brain Injury Alliance

On July 11, 2019, the Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa (BIAIA) presented its Educational Leadership Award to the Iowa City Community School District “[f]or exceptional leadership, teamwork and response to concussion prevention, awareness and response.”

The award was presented at the third annual Iowa Concussion Consortium (ICC) Conference today in Coralville. This conference brings together school nurses, school administrators, educators, athletic trainers, and coaches to share the most recent and relevant concussion information, resources, and rules for Iowa schools. The focus of this event is to provide an overview of the best practices and tools available to guide Iowa schools in coming into compliance with the Return to Learn and Return to Play laws. 

Geoffrey Lauer, chief executive officer of BIAIA and chair elect of the United States Brain Injury Alliance, noted the following in a letter to Superintendent Stephen Murley: “[Y]our staff / team has been out ahead of dealing with this issue and working with BIAIA on responding to the law and admin rules guiding this. [Health Services Coordinator] Susie Poulton was the spark for this.”

About BIAIA: The mission of BIAIA is to create a better future through brain injury prevention, advocacy, education, research, and support. Founded in 1980, BIAIA exists to support, assist, and advocate for persons, along with their families and/or caregivers, with acquired brain injury. The organization advocates for and with people with brain injury and family members by responding to their challenges and representing their concerns through legislative and policy efforts as well as active support for programs and services for their needs. They serve the brain injury community by working to secure and develop community-based services, encouraging research, establishing support groups, and providing access to rapid, reliable, and relevant information. They also educate the public and increase statewide awareness of brain injury related disability with lifelong consequences through the development and distribution of informational materials, news, and notices of conferences, and other meetings. To learn more, visit and

For more information, contact Kristin Pedersen, Community Affairs Coordinator, Iowa City Community School District, (319) 688-1000,