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Witinok Endowed Advancing Science Education Award Winners

Four secondary science teachers and one student have been chosen to receive the 2021 Witinok Endowed Advancing Science Education Awards, totalling over $4,000. The awards may be used to fund a science course or experience or to support a school project that furthers sustainability in the schools or surroundings.

This year's awardees include:

Mary Lestina, City High School teacher, to attend the AP Summer Institute for AP Environmental Science

Marianne McGrane, Liberty High School teacher, to fund a summer graduate STEM education course

Amanda Marie Duffey, Tate High School teacher, to support the establishment of pollinator buffer zones/outdoor classroom areas around Tate High School

Amal Eltayib, a SEJH 7th grader, to take part in a College For Kids Summer Enrichment course

Tyler Pauley, NCJH teacher, to help with tuition for graduate school

The Witinok Endowed Advancing Science Education Award was established by John and Susie Engelhardt and John and Kim Callaghan in 2017 in honor of Dr. Pat Witinok upon her retirement from the District after teaching secondary science in our schools for 37 years.