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Employee Assistance Program Offers Free Mental Health Services for District Staff

The Synchrony Employee Assistance Program (EAP) from Prelude Behavioral Services provides free counseling, education, and referral services to District personnel as an employee benefit. Synchrony counselors provide confidential, professional counseling, education, and referral services to both employees and their family members.

Counselors meet with clients up to three times for assessment and short-term counseling and make referrals to community services for further assistance if needed. Employees can call the number below to set up an appointment or just call to talk to a counselor.

Phone: (319) 351-9072
Fax: (319) 341-3930
Toll-Free: (800) 444-9014

5 Things to Know About Your EAP

  1. Preventive wellness
    EAP counseling isn’t just for emergencies or times of personal or professional crises. Synchrony counselors can help you focus on preventive mental health and wellness.

  2. Learn new skills
    You can learn new communication skills, coping methods, techniques for stress management, and other new skills for resolving conflicts and growing personally and professionally.

  3. Synchrony staff can talk to you about any of your personal concerns 
    You can talk to Synchrony counselors about any life stressors, such as how to improve your work-life balance, stress management, goal setting, improving your relationships, or managing changes in your life.

  4. EAP services are FREE!
    EAP services are a part of your benefits package provided by your employer. You can have three sessions with a professional counselor for free. That means no copay or payment at the time of your visit. However, you will have to pay for additional services beyond what is provided free-of-charge by your employer.

  5. All EAP services are confidential. 
    All counseling services provided by Synchrony are kept confidential. Your employer will not know which employees have been using the EAP and/or for what purposes.