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Iowa STEM Teacher Externship Program (Summer 2020)

The Iowa STEM Teacher Externships Program aims to build bridges between Iowa’s workplaces and STEM educators across the state by equipping them to work at local businesses, organizations, and other workplaces alongside knowledgeable and skilled employees during the summer.

Since 2009, nearly 600 Teacher Externs have worked at nearly 200 Iowa workplaces, building long-lasting school-business partnerships across Iowa that provide educators with the ability to improve student STEM experiences and career knowledge.

  • Stipend: Up to $5,000 that includes 200-240 hours at the Host site plus two paid professional development days.
  • Time Commitment: Teacher Externships operate over approximately six, full-time weeks in the summer. The Workplace Host and Teacher Extern negotiate a flexible work schedule to complete 200-240 hours at the Workplace Host site
  • Graduate Credit: 3 hrs through UNI