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City High Debaters Advance to Elimination Rounds

Iowa City CW (Ellis Chen, Simon Weiss) advanced to elimination rounds on a 6–1 record at the University of Michigan policy debate tournament. The tournament was attended by teams from 21 states and Taiwan.

In the Varsity division of 107 teams, Iowa City CW was the tournament's fourth overall seed, behind the nationally ranked teams from Montgomery Belle Academy (TN), Homestead (WI), and North Broward Prep (FL). Iowa City CW edged out the tournament's eventual winner and current national #1 team from Whitney Young, who was the fifth seed.

Because of their seed, CW received a bye into octafinals and acquired their third Tournament of Champions bid. In octafinals, Iowa City CW defeated Walter Payton RV on a 2–1 decision advancing to the quarterfinals. In quarterfinals, CW was defeated on a 3–0 decision by Whitney Young MM.

Individually, out of 211 speakers, Ellis Chen placed fifth and Simon Weiss placed 18th.

Their performance at Michigan is expected to place Iowa City CW highly on the next national coaches poll due out soon.