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City High Best Buddies: High School Chapter of the Year

best buddies From Best Buddies Iowa:

Iowa City High School has been a standout chapter over a decade and contains all the components needs for an exceptional chapter. Their student leaders, both with and without IDD, are dedicated, forward thinking individuals who work together more like a family than simply a team. Laura Schwab and Tom Braverman have been dedicated, supportive advisors for multiple years. This chapter has raised money for other charities throughout the year while also being in the Top 3 for FW Fundraising! They blow everyone away for their creative, super fun events, such as their annual talent show. Their commitment to the mission of inclusion and friendship is phenomenal.

One standout member of the chapter, Elena Dreyer, is a shining light within Best Buddies and our officer team here at City High. This summer, Elena attended the national leadership conference and has brought those skills to CH Best Buddies in full force. She has given speeches on behalf of Best Buddies to Kiwanis, multiple businesses, and our student body here at City High. Each of these speeches were motivational, positive, and represented Best Buddies in a truly remarkable way. Since last summer, Elena has attended EVERY training available to Best Buddies leaders and utilizes those skills with her positive energy, inclusive nature, and radiating smile. She helps recruit members each day by exemplifying the true meaning of friendship in the hallways at City High. There has never been a time where Elena didn’t take the opportunity to welcome new students, speak positively of Best Buddies, or be a friend when someone needed one. In addition to all of this, Elena has used this energy and enthusiasm to earn over $1000 for Best Buddies on her Friendship Walk page so far! She is also continuing to motivate others to do the same.