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Editing Your School Calendar (For Building Secretaries)

Building secretaries have access to edit the electronic calendar on the school's website as needed. Follow these easy steps to perform this fuction.

  1. Sign in to the District or school website using your username (last.first) and password (same as your District email and computer username and password).*
  2. On your school home page, scroll down to UPCOMING EVENTS. In that section of the home page, click on the View Calendar link in the bottom right corner.

    Upcoming Events

  3. The full calendar page for your school will open. In the upper right corner of that page, click the gray box that says Edit Page.

    Edit Page

  4. The site manager will open to the page where your calendar lives. Hover over the calendar icon in the center of the page; a gray pencil icon will appear — click it.

    pencil icon location

  5. You are now in edit mode. Click on the event or date that you want to edit or add content to.
  6. A pop-up window will open. Simply fill in the info as needed. (The process is similar to editing a Google Calendar.)
    event editing window


    - Choosing a Category for the event will color code the event by type, such as Athletic Event, Performance Music, PTA/PTO, and so on.
    - Entering a street address under the Location tab will provide the viewer with a map to your event.
  7. Click Save before closing the event editing window.
  8. Refresh your website calendar page to see your changes.

For more advanced calendar tasks, such as creating a separate Athletics Calendar with events that also will appear on the School Calendar, contact the District Webmaster for further instruction.

*If you have any difficulties signing into the website to edit the calendar, please contact the District Webmaster.